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Inside TEMA India: A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Case Study

We’re continuing our look inside the shell and tube heat exchanger product line of our valued partner TEMA India.

In our previous posts, we’ve looked at how shell and tube heat exchangers work and the different models offered by TEMA India, as well as their unique benefits and ideal industry applications.

In our final post in this series, we will look at a specific TEMA Case Study that speaks to the company’s dedication to customer service, ease of maintenance, and the long-term durability of its signature products.

TEMA India’s Expertise in Action: Solving a Hi-Hi Screw Plug Heat Exchanger Leak

In this example, a leak was discovered on a TEMA India-manufactured shell and tube heat exchanger – a Hi-Hi Screw Plug model to be exact.

Initially, tightening of the inner row screws reduced the amount of leaked but it wasn’t stopped. However this process revealed that the leak was coming through the unit’s sheet gasketed joint.

Subsequent testing showed that during the pressurization process, the differential pressure was within acceptable levels but elevated depressurization levels were thereby lifting the differential pressure from the shell side and altering the placement of the tube-bundle and gasket, resulting in the leak.

With the root of the problem identified, TEMA India was able to easily remove the tube bundle without causing any additional damage and make the necessary repairs to the shell and tube heat exchanger – all in record time.

As a testament to TEMA India’s swift identification of the issue, both this unit and the other heat exchangers – all of the screw plug variety – that were part of this project were delivered and installed on the client’s site where they have operated effectively for more than 15 years.

You can see the full story of this case study in this video:

Maintenance is an expected part of any industrial application involving shell and tube heat exchangers, however the costs and delays resulting from maintenance issues can be minimized through durable design, and immediate attention and identification of any issues from the manufacturer in order to prevent future occurrences.

As this case study and our TEMA India series shows, TEMA India creates its shell and tube heat exchangers with a preventative maintenance philosophy in mind and the ability to engineer swift and effective repairs when necessary.

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