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Mechanical Vapor Recompression Blowers


Inproheat Industries Ltd. proudly offers mechanical vapor recompression blowers (MVR blowers) from Piller.

With efficiency levels that climb to 86%, MVR blowers are used in the compression and evaporization of steam to create thermal energy.

Mechanical vapor recompression blowers have the flexibility to be used in currently-operational steam plants, thereby adding an efficienty and cost-saving solution. Their increased efficiency is complemented by a durable and sleek design that requires a low degree of maintenance while offering a sustained product life. As a further example of the versatility and power of MVR blowers, they can also be used as a connected group for a stronger performance.


There are three primary models of MVR blowers available that offer their own distinct product features. They are described here.


The most customizable MVR blowers available, components like bearings, materials, housings, and impellers can be altered to meet specific pressure, volume flow, and temperature requirements for the specific process.


Best-suited to applications with a low mass flow – between 200 to 5,000 kg/h – VapoFan’s boast a vertical design and a drive that is direct-coupled, allowing the unit to serve as a solution that is single-stage or two stage. With a 5 to 20 K temperature rise, it is designed to operate with steady flow and consistent efficiency.


With tip speed that hits 400 m/s and a 20 bar pressure maximum, this recent entry into the arena of mechanical vapor recompression blowers is a strong alternative to conventional turbo compressors. While it is optimized for steam environments, it remains flexible enough to offer a similarly high degree of performance when paired with other gases.


Mechanical vapor recompression blowers are commonly found in applications involving steam. Their versality allows them to provide value and efficiency in specific industries like brewing, sugar, saline, pulp, chemical, and alcohol.

Additionally, mechanical vapor recompression blowers are useful in applications like distillation, crystallization, and concentration that utilize thermal separation. In these instances, MVR blowers will provide energy savings and a reduction in steam consumption.

Lastly, MVR blowers can also act as industrial heat pumps