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SubCom® Direct Evaporation Solutions

Inproheat Industries - SubCom® Direct Evaporation Solutions

Submerged Combustion Evaporator Solutions

SubCom® solutions for evaporative systems offer proven success in a variety of applications and industries.

With thermal efficiency levels at close to 100%, Inproheat’s SubCom®-based evaporative systems can provide quick payback over traditional fluid disposal and recycling methods. Our submerged combustion evaporator can evaporate and concentrate challenging fluids and slurries with high system availability. Water and heat recovery can also be incorporated into the system.

Direct Evaporation Industry Focus

A wide range of industries can benefit from SubCom® technology to evaporate corrosive liquids and slurries with direct contact heating. These industries include oil and gas, mining and minerals, food and beverage, chemicals, and textiles.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry generates a multitude of waste liquid streams. Through SubCom® evaporative systems, solution-based salts or consumable minerals can be concentrated and in some cases, recovered for reuse, thereby conserving raw materials and lowering costs of production. Furthermore, evaporated water can be condensed and reused, thereby reducing environmental pressures on our most valuable resource – water.

SubCom® Food and Beverage Applications include:

  • Evaporation of RO Rejects for Food & Beverage
  • Evaporation of excess brine in cow hide curing
  • Heating of flume water in the sugar beat treatment process.

Oil and Gas

Inproheat Industries and Logic Energy Solutions have partnered through the benefits of SubCom® technology to serve the produced water treatment needs of the oil and natural gas extraction industries.

Treating and disposing of water produced from natural gas well sites is a costly part of production, especially when dealing with remote well sites. Together, Inproheat and Logic have developed a process that can efficiently reduce the volume of water to be disposed by 90-99%. Additionally, techniques have been developed and tested in extensive field trials to handle the resultant precipitated solids and contend with scaling.

Oil and gas applications for SubCom® include:

  • Fracking flow back water evaporation
  • Produced water evaporation from oil and gas wells
  • RO Rejects for Oil & Gas operations
  • Oil sands tailings pond water evaporation


In the mining industry, SubCom® direct evaporation solutions are ideal in a number of settings.

Our most common applications in mining projects are:

  • Tailing pond water evaporation
  • Crystallization
  • Solution concentration
  • RO Rejects for metallurgical processes (e.g. electrowinning)
  • Water treatment pond water freeze prevention
  • Heating of wastewater in which elevated temperatures are required for treatment operations


SubCom® also has proven to be a cutting-edge direct evaporation solution for other industry applications like landfill leachate and RO Rejects.

Recent Case Study

Inproheat Industries - SubCom® Case Study: JBS USA

Direct Evaporation Cut Sheets


SubCom® evaporators are an ideal and reliable solution for many evaporation applications in a number of industries. The recovery of high quality water and heat energy from the evaporator exhaust can be achieved for recycling to the process where applicable, thereby reducing fresh water and fuel usage.

SubCom®’s efficiency in evaporation project environments reinforces Inproheat’s commitment to create first-rate systems that are specifically tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.