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Closed Circuit Coolers

Evapco Coolers


Inproheat Industries offers Closed Circuit Coolers from EVAPCO. 

Available in both air cooled and evaporative styles, closed circuit coolers have a high degree of cooling efficiency and a notable reduction in water consumption levels. They also have a streamlined installation process, low maintenance and high versatility.


Air Cooled Closed Circuit Coolers

EVAPCO’s six models of air cooled closed circuit coolers are known for their high capacity designs and strong heat rejection potential. Double Stack Adiabatic and Double Stack Dry Coolers reduce energy footprints and maximize overall efficiency through a single unit rather than the use of several units in the same environment. eco-Air Spray Coolers and eco-Air Adiabatic Coolers offer low maintenance and regulate water consumption based on the application conditions, allowing savings on expenses that could otherwise go towards water treatment and elimination. The eco-Air Dry Coolers and eco-Air Flat Dry Coolers maintain a 100% dry operation and like all of EVAPCO’s air cooled models, field wiring costs are reduced due to their pre-wired design.

Evaporative Closed Circuit Coolers

EVAPCO offers nine models in its evaporative closed circuit coolers product line – each one offering reduced water consumption costs and high versatility. The EDW4 is both its highest capacity and most efficient evaporative cooler, making it best-suited to industrial plant and HVAC settings. The original ATWB carries a counterflow design and an increased cooling capacity. The eco-ATWB-H has a dry bulb switchover temperature that is the industry’s highest ambient reading, along with reduced plume capabilities and evaporative coil features. The eco-ATWB carries increased evaporative and dry cooling efficiency making it a durable, environmentally and economically responsible investment. The eco-ATWB-E boasts three operation modes – 100% dry, 100% wet, and a hybrid dry/wet mode with high efficiency across each mode. The eco-LSWE uses EVAPCO’s cutting edge Ellipti-fin® Cooling Coil technology and the CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement – leading to higher dry and wet capacity. The eco-LRWB’s reduced height is the industry’s lowest for installations. The LSWE and LRWB are both IBC Compliant with performance that is CTI Certified.


The versatility of closed circuit coolers lends themselves to many different applications. Common uses include the industrial and chemical manufacturing sectors where they are frequently used to regulate temperatures and add cooling for equipment.