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Evapco Condensers


Inproheat Industries offers Condensers from EVAPCO. 

EVAPCO’s condensers are available in both air cooled and evaporative styles. These condensers are known for high efficiency, reduced water consumption, and streamlined maintenance and operation – all while using an integrated water-free cooling design.


Air Cooled Condensers

The air cooled condenser product line from EVAPCO includes four different models. The Adiabatic series is fully rated with single-piece shipping for simplified installation. It is designed for applications in dry climates with high temperatures and contains no basin or pump with no water treatment needed, allowing for water consumption to be reduced or altogether eliminated. The Spray series features a once-through design and water is only used if it is necessitated by the surroundings or load. This leads to savings on cooling expenses relating to water elimination and consumption. The V series and Flat series each have unique design concepts but both contain pre-wired NEMA or Electronically Commutated motor designs to reduce wiring costs. Like the other models, they also have the dedicated EVAPCO Control Package for real-time readings and maintenance.

Evaporative Condensers

EVAPCO offers eight evaporative condensers, which contain the company’s trademark CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement and Thermal Pak II® coil – leading to efficiency, maintenance, and operation that stand alone. The ATC-E is EVAPCO’s popular Advanced Technology evaporative condenser with an induced-draft, axial fan design that delivers across many applications. The eco models have features that include dry and evaporative modes, EVAPCO’s Ellipti-fin® cooling coil (adding a 25% increase in efficiency on average), and drift eliminators. The eco-ATC-A is often found in industrial refrigeration and industrial processes, while the eco-ATC-H is ideal for food process applications. Like the PMC-E, the eco-PMC and PMC-E has 50% less energy consumption than condensers using common centrifugal fans. The PHC-E is a Parallel Hybrid Condenser that is developed with some of the latest EVAPCO enhancements like Sensi-Coil® Technology and EVAPAK® Fill making it well-suited for the largest industrial refrigeration applications. The LRC and LSC-E have strong internal heat transfer and cooling capacity making them prime reduced-sound, centrifugal-style condensers that are ideal for settings that are ducted and indoors.


Evaporative condensers lend themselves to industrial applications – especially refrigeration – that exist in climates that are dry and warm. They can also function well in indoor environments and also act as strong condensers where exact replacements are required.