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New SubCom® Case Study for NGL Energy Partners

Inproheat Industries Ltd. recently completed a SubCom® project for NGL Energy Partners in Pinedale, Wyoming.

NGL Energy Partners is a diversified company that provides a range of services to the oil and gas industry. One of their operations, located in Pinedale, WY, treats produced water from regional gas wells to quality levels that meet regulations for discharge to the environment.

The water treatment unit operations at the Pinedale Anticline plant require a minimum temperature to be effective. After the two existing submerged combustion heaters (not manufactured by Inproheat) suffered severe corrosion and developed multiple leaks, the continuous maintenance and reliability concerns made it more cost-effective to invest in an upgrade using SubCom® technology. The new system would have to deliver the same or more thermal capacity and fit onto the same available footprint.

The new SubCom® heater designed by Inproheat now boasts a gross heat input capacity of 17 MM Btu/h and, under the design process conditions, delivers a thermal efficiency of 98% on HHV basis – making it a clear upgrade and a worthwhile investment.

You can learn more about the process in the complete case study here.

How Can SubCom® Help You? 

For over 45 years, Inproheat Industries Ltd. has been providing SubCom® solutions to international industrial process liquid heating and evaporation applications, consistently delivering reduced operating and maintenance costs, compliance with stringent emissions regulations, and short payback periods.

With thermal efficiencies approaching 100%, SubCom® differs from conventional methods, such as immersion tube or gas–to-liquid heaters, in which the products of combustion do not contact the solution. SubCom® systems sufficiently handle clean, dirty, and corrosive fluid heating and evaporative processes, and our systems are suitable for unattended operation in remote locations and do not require a licensed steam operator.

As a cost-effective alternative and efficient solution, SubCom® is a proven cornerstone of many successful projects around the world.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your company and upcoming projects, so that we can explore the ways that SubCom® could help you.