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Tranter Inc.

Partner Overview

Tranter Inc.

Tranter Inc. boasts almost 90 years of success in the manufacturing of heat exchangers.

Inproheat proudly works alongside Tranter Inc.. Their Aftermarket Service Center in Edmonton, Alberta provides world class refurbishment service & repair for all models and makes of plate heat exchangers.

Serving clients in the sectors of chemical and hydrocarbon processing, renewable energy, refrigeration, power generation, marine, and oil and gas production to name a few, Tranter Inc.’s heat exchanger technology offers cutting-edge heat transfer rates and world-class efficiency with minimal fouling and reduced footprints. 

Originally founded in the United States, Tranter Inc. has a global presence that includes manufacturing operations on every major continent. 

Inproheat Industries Ltd. proudly offers heat exchangers and other project services in conjunction with Tranter Inc.. 

Product Highlights

Tranter’s heat exchangers are divided into four key types: Plate and frame (Superchanger®), Shell and Plate (Supermax®), Prime Surface Heat Exchanger (Platecoil®), Compact Welded Heat Exchanger (Maxchanger®). 

Every heat exchanger is custom-built to match the demands of the client’s application.