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Tranter’s Platecoil Heat Exchangers

Inproheat Industries is a longtime representative of Tranter in Western Canada. Working as a team, Inproheat and Tranter work to provide new equipment and aftermarket support to customers.

Tranter’s signature product is the heat exchanger. As such, we’re sharing knowledge about these sophisticated products with special attention to those manufactured and serviced by Tranter.

This time, we’re discussing Platecoil Heat Exchangers.

Platecoil Heat Exchangers – What are they?

Platecoil heat exchangers contain smooth interior surfaces with no flow disruption. Most notably, centrifugal force carries droplets to a heated outside wall before the droplets finally collect at the bottom.

How are Platecoil Heat Exchangers used?

Platecoil heat exchangers apply primarily to liquid media like steam, hot oil, refrigerants, cold water, and hot water.

  • First, they are common in bayonet heaters and immersion heaters.
  • You’ll find them in bank-in tanks and cryogenic shrouds.
  • Centrifuge Tubes and mixer baffles use them.
  • Additionally, they are found with Jacketed vessels, drum warmers, and clamp-on units.
  • Heat recovery banks, fluidized bed banks, and freeze drying banks represent other applications for them.
  • Steam pans and snopans can also use them.
  • Lastly, they commonly exist in food processing banks and hot oil caps.

What are the Features and Benefits of Platecoil Heat Exchangers?

Platecoil heat exchangers have two primary benefits as a result of their distinguishing features:

  • First, they achieve high internal flow velocity and highly efficient transfer rates. This benefit is due to their design. Naturally, the combination of a sophisticated design and high transfer efficiency makes them very appealing.
  • Furthermore, platecoil heat exchangers carry different construction and configuration options such as rolled, bent, or flat. As a result of this design flexibility, they earn high marks on the heat exchanger market.

For more information on platecoil heat exchangers, including those manufactured by Tranter, please contact us here.